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Plugins & Add-ons

Part of the following plugins & add-ons are released by third-party vendors or contributed by SlimBrowser users. Please contact their respective vendors or authors for support or bug reports. FlashPeak Inc. is NOT responsible for any damage or liability brought by the usage of these plugins & add-ons. Choose what suits yourself and use it at your own risk.



Category: Web Form Filler

RoboForm is a FREE password manager and one-click web form filler with some serious Artificial Intelligence inside. What it can do:

  • Save password info from login form.
  • Auto fill password info to login form.
  • Automatic login to online accounts.
  • Fill long online forms from Identities.
  • Save "offline passwords" to Safenotes.
  • Generate Secure Random Passwords.
  • Encrypt passwords using 3-DES.
  • All personal info is securely stored on your computer only.
  • Put passwords on USB KeyChain for extra security.
  • Sync your passwords and safenotes to a Palm.
  • Backup & Restore, Print passwords.

spell checkerSpellChecker Plugin For Slim Browser

Category: Spell Checker

This spellchecker plugin is specially developed for Slim Browser by FlashPeak. It can check the spell of any text in any input boxes and text areas within any web page automatically. Just install this plugin and access the spell checking function from the menu "Edit->Check Spell" within Slim Browser.


Category: Html/Script Editor

EmEditor Professional is a light-weighted yet powerful, easy-to-use text editor for Windows. It's especially suitable to be used to view and edit the source code of HTML page in SlimBrowser. EmEditor Professional can be seamlessly with SlimBrowser. You can access EmEditor by right clicking in a browser view and select "View Source" from the context menu. Also, you can access it from the drop-down menu of "Edit Webpage" button on the standard toolbar. EmEditor Professional automatically register itself as a web page editor during installation. Highly recommended for web developers.


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